Delnoise absorptive type works on the principle by reducing the sound wave generated from the source by breaking it down to multiple small waves by the process of diffraction, until the sound waves break down to the maximum and loses its energy while coming out. Our absorptive noise barrier products are manufactured by Delnoise. Our best sound barriers minimize the noise volume affected by noise pollution.

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By delnoise

Delnoise is a proud brand of Kantaflex India Private Limited, the idea of introducing the Delnoise Noise barrier has come from the vision to provide the right solution to the people of our country who are encountering noise pollution. With the increasing urbanization in today's world, we cannot control various factors, one of which is noise pollution. In order to solve the problem to a greater extent our passionate and dedicated team has overcome several hurdles to launch the product. The products have been tested per Indian and international standards to provide the best solution with economical pricing. Our motto is to impact people's lives and provide value. We are very confident with the response we received for our product, we will achieve new heights and continuously serve the people with innovation. To visit more -

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