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Social bookmarking sites can be called search engines of a different kind where people look around for specific information or search for specific information. If you are on a reservation site you are basically another community.

The main difference between Google or Bing and public bookmarking sites is that these sites are run by users and are not controlled by search engine bots or hired employees. An article, service or product is rated based on customer feedback, which means people vote for articles they find useful, share them with others, and a new reader votes. In other words social networking sites are public domain.

So if you are going to use social bookmarking as a way to market your site, providing relevant information for people to find you interesting is important. Remember, it’s all about content and new content that people find interesting that will bring them back for more. If you want to be seen and able to access link building, public bookmarking should be part of your online marketing efforts.

If your goal is to be successful in delivering traffic through public bookmarking, you will need to bookmark your site content on bookmarkplatform.xyz. The first thing you need to do as you begin to set up a social bookmark is to make sure that the topic you are using will attract readers. If the title or first line does not represent them, they will not read or click on your article or post.