Bid Creation

Effortlessly manage the complexity of the bid process with our user-friendly Microsoft Dynamics 365 Bid Management Software.
Keep track of bid submission dates, closing dates, and other important milestones with timely alerts.
Conduct a through evaluation of tenders, including detailed anaysis of work scope and bid bond details.
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Bid Costing

Our powerful Dynamics 365 Bid Management software simplifies the import of BOQ from Excel for your convenience.
Generate detailed cost breakdowns for each BOQ, covering labor, equipment, items, and other expenses.
Utilize advanced costing, markup, and pricing features to optimize cost allocation, particularly for indirect costs during project costing.
Ensure smooth workflow approvals for cost sheets and bids before submission.

Price Simulation

Explore various scenarios with the innovative markup and price simulation tools of our Bid Management Software on Dynamics.
Experiment with mark-up percentages for BOQ items until you achieve your desired price and margin.
Maintain a revision history for cost sheets and bids to track changes over time.

Integration with Procurement

Enjoy seamless integration with the procurement module to efficiently process RFQs with our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Bid Management Software.
Request quotations from vendors to obtain accurate bid price estimates.

Bid Finalization & Project Contracts

Experience hasle-free conversion of bids into projects within the Dynamics D365 project module with our innovative Microsoft Dynamic 365 Bid Management Software.
Keep your opportunities updated in real-time with bid details and track your Win-Loss ratio.
Efficiently transfer bid details, including BOQ hierarchy, to Project WBS, Project Forecasts, and Item requirements with our Bid Management Software on Dynamics for enhanced efficiency and accuraci

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