RealEstatePro’s property sales management module offers versatile functionality, streamlining sales processes for faster, precise deal closures. Its user-friendly interface and advanced anaytics enable quicker decision-making.
Property Creation
Our software centralizes property data with a hierarchy (blocks, floors, units), identifying occupied and available spaes efficiently, saving time and enhancing transactions.
Template Customization
Utilizing Dynamics, our software crafts customizable templates for consistent pricing strategies, simplifying data entry and decision-making.
Property Information Management
Our solution handles comprehensive property information, specifying unit details and integrating them into finalized sale agreements, managing various property types.
Presales Supervision
Empowering teams to address inquiries promptly, our software manages leads and opportunities effectively, measuring sales aganst targets.
Effortlessly generating sales quotations and tracking progress, our software offers flexibility in negotiations and precise tracking of sales stages.
Reservations Management
Empowering managers to handle reservations efficiently, managing payments, cancellations, and conversions to agreements seamlessly.
Sales Agreements
Customizing agreements to customer needs, including terms, conditions, and pricing constiuents, managed through defined hierarchies.
Change Orders
Generating customer-tailored change orders with corresponding pricing and billing schedules.
Agreement Execution Functions
Monitoring activities from contract execution to property handover, creating billing schedules for efficient financial management and invoicing.

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