The beauty of Ayubia and Galiyat is unbeatable. What if you get a chance to live in such a beautiful place?

Yes, you can because there is a place where every nature lover wishes to stay long.

In the center of Ayubia are 9k Suites, presenting a next-level lifestyle with a mixture of the atmosphere of both urban and rural environments in the same place. If you are a mountain lover, this place is no less than heaven for you. You can enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of the Himalayas’ height from the terrace of your service apartment. As 9k suites Ayubia is present at a height of about 9000 feet and approximately 25km away from the hubbub and babel of Murree.

Moreover, 9k Suites provides the best and all modern-age amenities and facilities at this dream location. There are several tourist attractions and visiting points near 9k suites, like:

Pipeline trek
Moto tunnel
Ayubia National Park
All you need to live is available at this place. Go and grab your beautiful mountainous destination for your lush future.

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