The gem is considered a great stone for healing mind, body, and spirit. Banded Agate Jewelry Healing Properties are used for protection, security and moral stability. It is a helping stone that provides a soothing feeling to its wearer and also as a grounding stone. It is a grounding crystal that helps in eliminating all the negative effects or influence on its carrier that manipulates your decision-making capacity. By balancing your emotions, it throws away all negative thoughts that hinders your mind and affects your mental well being. Its gentle energies helps you to improve memory and attracts good luck and wealth to you.

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HI, i am angelina jhonson. I have been working as a product manager at Rananjay Exports for more than five years. Rananjay Exports is a worldwide manufacturing and wholesaling company based in India that deals in larimar jewelry and other 150-plus varieties of gemstones. Our jewelry is made with genuine and `ethically sourced gemstones that are loved by jewelry resellers worldwide. Bearing the signature of Rananjay Exports, each jewelry is created with good quality. Moreover, We are dedicated to giving exclusive member benefits to our customers with a memorable shopping experience.

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