Minimalist jewellery is the look of the moment, providing refined elegance and ample opportunities to layer and self-express. In this blog, we’ll teach the tips and tricks for successfully layering different jewellery pieces to create a stunning look!

Mix and Matching Metals
Mixing and matching the colours of various metals is a risky but gratifying style challenge. The perfect look has metallic colours spread evenly across all focal points(wrists, neck, fingers, ears)

Focus on A Primary Item and Texture
It is ideal to have a central piece and select supporting elements of lighter textures. For example, the primary element could be a thick choker and the layering piece could be a lighter, thinner chain that ends two to three inches below the choker.

Adding Colour
Adding colour through gemstones can elevate your look. Match the colour across different areas of your body for a synergetic look. You can either play with the colours that match your wardrobe or go for a contrast.

Tone Matters
The tone of the jewellery you’re wearing matters. Layering a formal bracelet with earrings perfect for a party can affect the overall coherence of the look.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into how you can layer each type of jewellery! Pendants and Chains

When layering chains, opt for either a two-piece or a three-piece combination. The first and third chains are the primary pieces when layering three chains together. Opting for a two-chain combination can add emphasis to both pieces.

As a rule of thumb, ensure that the shortest chain and pendant combo is the most stunning of the bunch!

Bracelets and Bangles
When layering your wrists, the rule of thumb is to layer different textures, i.e., mix bangles, bracelets, and chain links of different widths and styles. Wearing a thicker, tighter piece to the bottom can help hold everything in place to create a flattering appearance.

When stacking rings, mix and match freely. Stack diamond rings with non-diamond ones as well as different metals. Alternatively, you can stack the same design in varying widths to create a unique look.

Try pairing a thick, solid band with a slimmer solitaire for a good starting point.

We hope this blog provides the starting point for your journey in layering and stacking pieces of jewellery to create a look unique to you! Remember, accessorising should be an in-between of experimenting and being in your comfort zone so as to ensure maximum confidence while keeping up with the trends!



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