Dissertation writing is not an act of paraphrasing already published work to meet the submission deadline. In fact, there are many technicalities that one needs to deal with to proceed effectively. For instance, you are writing a masters dissertation on any issue of your choice, such as a comparison between the cost-effectiveness of surgical treatment of peripheral nerve injuries Vs the cost-effectiveness of therapeutic- drug therapy. No doubt, the topic is quite interesting but how effectively you deal with it depends on how you develop an argument to support each claim. Arguments are considered a pivotal part of masters dissertation. It plays an important role in the overall quality of a dissertation; thereby, this article will be a complete guide to help you know the right ways to develop a strong argument.

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My name is John Hockey. I am from London. I have completed my MBA Degree recently. Now I want to serve the students in writing all their assignments. Most students face many problems with their assignments on time.

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