Mahavir Industries is a renowned Mini Milk Plant Manufacturers, catering to the needs of dairy industry professionals. We offers a wide range of mini milk plant machinery, including milk pasteurizers, cream separators, milk storage tanks, bulk milk coolers, paneer plants and milk packaging machines. Their equipment is designed to handle small to medium-scale milk processing operations efficiently and effectively. The mini milk plants manufactured by Mahavir Industries are known for their superior quality, durability, and compliance with industry standards. With a commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous innovation, Mahavir Industries is the preferred choice for mini milk plant manufacturers globally.

By mahavirmachine

Mahavir Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a brand based in Jagadhri, district Haryana (India) since 1997, providing customers with dairy and Food Processing plant. We offer products such as Bulk Milk Cooler, Cream Separator, Khoya Machine, Milk Fat Analyzer, Cream Cooling Vats, Milk Cans, and Milk Transportation Tank. In addition, we produce milk cans, a curd breaker, a lassi machine, steam-jacketed kettles, and more. Additionally, we export can scrubbers and butter churners and provide chemical tanks, storage tanks, and agitators.

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