Enhance Your HR Efficiency with Our Cutting-Edge Payroll Solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365
Discover AXOnePay, our cloud-based payroll software compliant with tax regulations, seamlessly designed within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Effortlessly manage and monitor employee details, including dependents, family members, and other pertinent information. Our system empowers you to efficiently oversee attendance, overtime, performance-based incentives, leaves, expense reimburts, and various deductions required by labor and tax regulations.
Tailored Features of Microsoft Dynamics HR Management Solution to Boost Operational Performance
Our payroll solution on Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations offers a suite of robust features tailored to accelerate your business growth. Streamline HR and payroll processes, ensure regulatory compliance, improve efficiency, and facilitate strategic decision-making.
Key Functionalities Include:
Vacation Management
Employee Loan Tracking
Transaction Management
Seamless Payment Processing
Salary Calculation
Comprehensive Finance and Payroll Reports
Doent Handling
Employee Self-Service Portal

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