What is Sendwave?

Sendwave is a mobile money transfer service that allows you to send money to your loved ones in over 130 countries. You can send money directly to your recipient’s bank account, mobile wallet, or cash pickup location. Sendwave is a fast, secure, and affordable way to send money internationally.

2. Why Sendwave is one of the Number one Money Transfer apps in the UK?
Only 4 reasons make Sendwave better than other money transfer apps

☛Fast transfers: Sendwave transfers are typically processed very quickly. In most cases, your recipient will receive the money within minutes or hours.
☛Zero fees: Sendwave has zero fees than other traditional banks or money transfer services.
☛Secure transactions: Your transactions are always encrypted, and you can track the status of your transfer in real time.
☛Ease of use: The Sendwave app is very easy to use. You can send money to your loved ones in minutes, simply by entering their details and the amount you want to send.

3. How to Use Sendwave Promo Code?
The code must be applied before the payment process,
☛Click on the👤 menu
☛ Then Select⭐ Enter the promo code: 7LEOE

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