The Discover the biodegradable cleaning revolution with premium brand Disinfectant Wipes
available at BioFast! Your safety is our priority
Our broad selection of Bio Degradable Wipes and Disinfectant Wipes is made to satisfy your cleaning requirements while minimising environmental effects.
Our Disinfectant Wipes have undergone dermatological testing to ensure that they are safe to use on hard, non-porous surfaces and gentle on the skin.
We give our all to provide you with the highest-quality products at super reasonable prices along with first-rate service. We adhere sternly to their demanding requirements for Bio Degradable Wipes.

By Biofast

Our mission as a medical equipment supplier in Australia is to provide the most innovative integrated health care products and services; and to be the trusted advisors and consultants of our customers. Known for its excellent customer service, competitive prices, and innovative value-added solutions. By providing high-quality healthcare and aged care services, Biofast is dedicated to helping its customers succeed. Medical consumables, hospital equipment, healthcare solutions, aged care supplies and more are all available through our services. Contact us today!

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